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Our Spaces

From networking events to parties, to content creation and more, we have the spaces you need for your next event or project. Come experience The PITCH for yourself!

Main Event Space: This versatile event space can be transformed to accommodate any kind of event you’re looking to host or attend, large or small, public or private. Some of its unique features include top of the line lighting with additional stage lights and lasers, a high quality speaker and sound system, and live streaming and event capturing capabilities.

Bar: Our premiere bar is crafted on tasty cocktails and exceptional service. With its open and friendly atmosphere, conversation between customers and staff is seamless and inviting. Additionally, we offer guests the unique ability of creating their own custom cocktail menu, adding a touch personalization to your special event.

Coffee Shop: At The Grounds, our coffee is exquisitely made and locally sourced. With our signature and specialty coffees, fruity refreshers, and energy drink alternatives, there is no shortage of ways to get caffeinated. One of our main goals is to involve the community, and one way that’s we do that is by featuring local baked goods within our shop; so if you want to support the community and indulge in our bold new flavors, come see us!

Coffee Shop Lounge: Once you have your coffee in hand, take a seat in our cozy yet modern lounge area. We offer two cafe-style tables with two seats at each, and adjacent to that, a comfortable couch and coffee table that faces a smart TV. Whether you need a place to be productive and get your work done, or you just want to escape the daily stresses of life with good company, this is where you want to be.

Media Room: This space is the ultimate content creation hub, featuring: ring lights; photo and video editing capabilities; dual monitor setup; custom lighting settings; microphone and podcast equipment; green screen; and a projector and screen. Whether you’re a business shooting a product video, or a content creator starting a podcast, we’ve got everything you need to take your content to the next level.

Breakout Room: This multifaceted conference room allows for teams to come together and be productive. We provide a smart TV with casting capabilities as well as modular desks and chairs to facilitate important meetings, brainstorming sessions and even presentations.

Lounge: Located on the lower level of the premise, this space serves as the tie between all of the functioning areas within the building. It’s spacious, modular design allows for great flexibility in regards to the purpose it must serve, whether that be additional seating for the coffee shop, supplemental room for events upstairs, or a standalone event space.

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