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Guess Who's Back? Indie Night Makes a Return to The PITCH Stage!

When we said we were making this a concert series a few posts ago, we weren't kidding. We got the band(s) back together this past Wednesday at The PITCH and had so much fun jamming out with everyone!

Credit to Ira Wilder (IG: @irawilderphoto)

From my previous posts, you've gotten a chance to know Mush, Puppy! and Last2Leave pretty well. It was a pleasure having them back this time, and we also got to hang out with some new friends: the band "Braless" and folk artist Luke Oliver.

Braless is a local band that drew their name from a crude sticker (content unknown) they saw outside of the Student Recreation Center on Chapel Hill's campus. They loved how the name had a controversial edge and evoked curiosity when people heard it. The members met a few years back as freshman on south campus at Craig dorm and shared their love for music and performing. Soon after, they decided to jam together in the

Credit to Hannah Zinner (IG: hannahzinnart)

courtyard of Craig and get a feel of how they would play together. When they realized they could take it further, they formed a legitimate band and started performing at local venues in the Chapel Hill area. Two years later, they've now amassed a loyal fanbase across the Triangle, have been interviewed by a radio station on NC State's campus, and are becoming well-known for their cover of Midnight in Harlem, originally done by Tedeschi Truck Band.

Our next guest Luke Oliver is a folk musician who not only plays the acoustic guitar, but also beautifully sings covers and some originals! He recently came out with a song called Montezuma in collaboration with our friend Kai from Restless Legs (read our article about Restless Legs here:

He's originally from Buffalo, NY, but has lived in North Carolina for nearly a decade now. He only started playing the guitar over the pandemic, but he's been involved in music for most of his life. His interest in folk music is due to "an appreciation for its historic connection to labor and civil rights mobilization." He believes folk is having a great revival and wants to work with others in making Chapel Hill a "cultural hotbed for contemporary folk." Credit to Ira Wilder

We couldn't have pulled this event off without our lovely PITCH friends Adam Castiller and Kai Mercado, who recently started their first ever artist booking company called "Dugout Entertainment". Their goal is to be the liaison between talented local artists and music venues in the Triangle, and The PITCH is their premiere spot for live concerts and rehearsals. We're so proud of what they've already accomplished within the space, and we're eager to keep helping them reach an even wider audience and be THE musician and creator hub of Chapel Hill.

Come back in two weeks to see a recap of the the Harvey Street concert, you don't wanna miss it!

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