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Introducing L.I.P Service: More Than JUST Open Mic Hosts

Credit to Laura Riggsbee.

We've been super excited hosting our open mic night series through The PITCH, but we can't take all the credit for its genesis. A month ago, we were talking about starting up a recurring weekly music event to bring in more of the local music scene, so when Kyle and Laura walked through our doors, it was almost uncanny.

Kyle Mauluuci and Laura Riggsbee met during their high school years in Chapel Hill around eight years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Laura spent most of her time singing in her choir and performing at local open mic nights, with her angelic voice and incredible songwriting abilities. Kyle, intrigued with her talents, wanted to support her at these events and learned how to be a sound technician to make sure her performances went smoothly, and just like that, they started an open mic company called L.I.P Service and became an iconic and dynamic open mic night duo.

Credit to Kyle Mauluuci.

Laura and Kyle originally started hosting their open mic nights at a local Chapel Hill bar and outdoor venue called 401 Main, but this came to a halt when they closed permanently. They were looking for a new venue to host their event, and graciously stumbled upon us in the process. Here's a clip of Laura singing an original song she wrote:

On a different note (and we're not talking music), Kyle is the co-founder of a tech start-up with his friend Thomas called Oculus, where they fly drones around apartment complexes and other properties that takes a series of photos to then turn into a 3D model that can be interactive in virtual reality (VR)! Check out their website here:

Here's a video of me using their VR equipment to virtually tour an apartment complex they worked with:

Credit to Willie Barron.

Luckily, Kyle and Laura have now become amazing friends of ours and will continue to partner with us on fun music related events and so much more in the future. As usual, keep up with what we're up to and when we're doing open mic nights! Here's us hanging out at our last Indie Night:

From left to right: Willie Barron, Kyle Mauluuci, and Laura Riggsbee. Credit to Maddi Lane.

Our IG: @thepitchchapelhill

Laura's IG: @lil_riggz

Kyle's IG: @kyguyflys

P.S. We have karaoke power hour happening after open mic from 10-11pm now, so even your friends can get up there and be a star, they don't have to be PITCH perfect (hehe).

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