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You don't have to be PITCH Perfect... Come to our open mic night!

Do you sing in the shower? Over loud music in the car? Drunk at karaoke? Or were you in chorus in middle school and want to relive your childhood dreams? I'm only kidding (sort of) but we're inviting everyone who loves music and wants to perform to come to our open mic nights every Tuesday from 7-10 PM!

This is something we've wanted to establish for months, but to be honest, we kept getting side-tracked with everything else going on in the space and kept putting it off. As soon as L.I.P Service came in and told us they wanted to host weekly open mic events with us, we asked, "where do we sign?" and here we are, three weeks in.

Just to give you a taste of the talent we saw last week, take a peek at these vids!

We started off the night with an amazing band:

Then the founder of L.I.P Service sang some originals:

Michael "Speedy" Sprag from a few posts ago sang an original as well (along with some rap and spoken word not recorded here):

As a bonus, here's me and Willie performing as well! Were we nervous? YES. Did we have fun, though? Absolutely.

Whether you're inexperienced, in a band or just want to hear some talented people perform, you can come hang with us on Tuesdays from 7-10 PM.

Don't miss any updates by checking our instagram @thepitchchapelhill :)

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