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Need some new music recs? Here's our favorite music artists right now!

Collage credit to CREAARO (as seen on Amazon)

Since we're just getting back from spring break and experiencing a lull in live performances this week, I decided to ask our staff what their favorite artists and songs are at the moment so we can all help each other find some new music. Let's face it -- playing the same five songs on repeat gets old, sometimes we need to shake it up.

Starting with our baristas, Ella is currently into the country group The Red Clay Strays. They're actually considered "gothic country" because their sound combines elements of country, rockabilly, blues, and rock.

Our other barista and artist-booking tycoon Adam is vibing with "Pool House" by Backseat Lovers right now! They're an alternative rock band that formed in Utah in 2018 that have since seen major success.

Now, let's move onto our managing partners! First up, Lilli is into "Ghost Town" by Benson Boone at the moment. He actually got his start on TikTok, where he posted videos of himself singing and playing piano in 2020 and landed a record deal in 2021.

Willie's listening to "Nayhoo" by Chon and Masego (prod. by Lophiile) on repeat currently. Chon is known for his unique progressive rock sound, while Masego takes the best elements of jazz, r&b and trap to create his sound. Needless to say, this is a powerfully unique duo that no one knew they needed until now.

As for me? Well, as basic as it sounds, I'm really liking Tate McRae right now. After posting videos of herself singing covers and originals online, she got signed with RCA Records and immediately started climbing the U.S. Pop charts with every new song she released. Just as a treat, I'll put a visual of her performing her song "Greedy" at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards below so you can fully take her in. She's currently being called the "new Britney" because she seems to channel the energy of our favorite '90s and 2000's pop stars.

I hope you enjoyed listening to some of our favorite music at the moment -- tune in next week for some exciting updates on our newly recurring open mic nights! Tuesdays at 7 PM. Go to our instagram @thepitchchapelhill to stay in the loop :)

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